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    Tokyo’s Christmas Anime Events 2019

    It’s finally November, which means it’s finally time to get ready for this years christmas! Although, for many, christmas is a time to spend at home with family, there are also many people who choose to travel to Japan during…

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    A Tour of Tokyo’s Real Life Anime Locations

    As many of you know anime is one of things that sparks many people’s interest in Japan. Due to this, every year many travel to Tokyo in search of anime themed shops, places and cafes and frequently visit places such…

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    Death Note in Tokyo: Real Life Locations You Can Visit!

    Death Note is one of the most popular animes EVER and is loved by many. Although the anime is fairly old now, that doesn’t stop people from wanting to experience it first hand…and now YOU CAN! That’s right, there are…

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    Naruto Theme Park Opens in Hyogo (Nijigen No Mori)

    Have you dreamed of being in the anime ‘Naruto‘? Have you always wanted to eat Ichiraku Ramen and try to become Hokage? WELL NOW YOU CAN at the new Naruto section of Nijigen No Mori (A HUGE anime theme park)!…

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    Tokyo Anime Events Autumn 2019

    As you may already know, we love showing you all the crazy otaku things to do in Tokyo, weather it’s anime cafes or real life anime locations we’ve featured many anime and otaku activities on our website! Today we’re going…


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