Tokyo’s CHEAP But Super CUTE Fashion Stores

    When you first arrive in Tokyo, you will be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of cute fashion shops selling some of the best fashion you’ve ever seen! But before you go in and buy everything you like make sure to…

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    Tokyo’s top FREE illuminations 2019-2020

    Japan can be a very expensive place to travel to, especially during christmas…but it doesn’t have to be!! There are tons of free activities to do in Tokyo during christmas, including tons of FREE illumination sites! These illuminations are next…

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    The Ultimate Guide to Tokyo’s Trains

    Although traveling to Tokyo is super exciting and fun, it can also be extremely stressful if you don’t know how to make your way around. Unless you have a Japanese guide, or know someone who is Japanese to take you…

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    Tokyo’s Christmas Anime Events 2019

    It’s finally November, which means it’s finally time to get ready for this years christmas! Although, for many, christmas is a time to spend at home with family, there are also many people who choose to travel to Japan during…

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    A Tour of Tokyo’s Real Life Anime Locations

    As many of you know anime is one of things that sparks many people’s interest in Japan. Due to this, every year many travel to Tokyo in search of anime themed shops, places and cafes and frequently visit places such…

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    Tokyo’s Top 7 Places to Go During Christmas 2019

    It’s coming to the end of the year, and we all know what that means…Christmas is right around the corner! Although Japanese people don’t celebrate Christmas the way westerners do (they often go out with friends/partners on Christmas day and…

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    Tokyo’s Most Instagram Worthy Cafes 2019

    Tokyo is hot spot for all things instagram, from food to shops there’s just about everything that’s been made ‘instagram worthy’. Most shops now even have their own free instagram spot, where you can take a super kawaii picture for…

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    Anime Events in Tokyo Winter 2019-2020

    With winter and christmas just around the corner, i’m sure you are all (like me) very excited! Especially those of you who are coming to Tokyo for this year’s winter! Tokyo is full of fun things to do during christmas,…

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    A Day at Odaiba’s Unko Museum: A Poop Themed Museum

    Ever wanted to spend the day surrounded by poop themed items, games, shops and photo spots?!…yeah me neither…BUT NOW YOU CAN! In classic Japan style, one of the craziest museums has recently opened up in Odaiba…a poop themed museum! ‘Unko’…