Tokyo Tour: A One Day Itenary of Must Do Things

Tokyo Tour: A One Day Itenary of Must Do Things

10:00AM – Arrive at Harajuku Station

We’re starting our day in Harajuku and we’re going to go straight to Takeshita Street! The reason for this is that Takeshita Street can get super busy in the middle of the day so this is the best time to go! (It’s also when all the shops open)

So after leaving the station walk straight ahead and you should see the sign for Takeshita Street- it’s extremely hard to miss!

Takeshita Street has been a popular shopping destination in Japan since the 1990’s. It first started out as a place to buy fake Japanese and American branded goods but since the government clamped down on it in 2004, this was no longer the case. Since then there was a boom in kawaii fashion and culture in Harajuku and Takeshita street seemed to be the place where it all gathered.

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Nowadays there’s tons of fashion stores throughout the street, along with kawaii food shops. This is the hub of all types of fashion in Tokyo, whether it’s lolita or yumikawaii, Takeshita street has it all! You’ll honestly be there for hours and not realize it!

12:00PM – Grab a Coffee and some food at the Rooftop Starbucks

The rooftop Starbucks is around a 5-10 minute walk away from Takeshita Street and is located inside this building, Tokyo Plaza. Before going up to Starbucks, why not check out Tokyo Plaza first! It’s entrance is decked out with cool mirrors like this, great as a photo spot! There are also loads of shops inside for you to check out.

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Once you’re done checking out Tokyo Plaza, go up to the 6th floor and grab a coffee! If you’re not a coffee fan, i’d recommend getting a ‘tea latte’! They’re super delicious and I think they’re only available in Japan.

Once you’ve got your coffee go out into the seating area. Theres loads of seats surrounded by trees and decorations, but if there is no seats left then don’t worry most people just sit on the steps anyway!

Whilst you’re up there, don’t forget to go and check out the wonderful view of the city that can be seen. There’s loads of great photo spots and it’s also pretty at night if you don’t have time to make in there in the day.

13:00PM – Go to Shibuya!

Before we can go to Shibuya we first need to walk to Meiji-Jingu Mae Station. This is located around a 1 minute walk away from the Starbucks and looks like this!

Once you’re in the station, head for the Fukutoshin line and take the one headed for Shibuya, It’s the next stop. You can also walk to Shibuya without taking a train however this takes around 25-30 minutes, so if you’re looking to see time take the subway!

Once you exit the station head straight for the crossing! Shibuya Scramble Crossing is the busiest crossing in the world with 2.4 million people crossing it…EVERY DAY! The atmosphere is like no other; the crowds, music, screens everywhere…it really is one of the most unique and amazing places on earth!

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While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the Hachiko Statue which is situated right next to the crossing. Hachiko was a famous dog in Japan who hated for his owner at Shibuya station, even after his owner sadly passed away from a heart attack one day on his way home from work.

Nowadays, the statue is a famous meeting point for young Japanese teens who are going to hang out in Shibuya. You can see them all sat around the statue waiting for their friends!

14:00PM – Go shopping in Shibuya109

Shibuya109 is located around a 5 minute walk from the crossing and is famous for being the hub of Shibuya street fashion for young people. All of the shops inside are super cute and many sell street fashion for a very cheap price!

Recently the shopping center has also opened up a new food court in the basement which sells tons of kawaii snacks! Don’t forget to go and grab a drink or a snack there!

16:00PM – Head For Shinjuku

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From Shibuya station get the JR Yamanote Line to Shinjuku Station. The line is green and looks like this. There are tons of signs in english to help you find it, but if you can’t just ask one of the station workers! They’ll be sure to help!

Once in Shinjuku head straight for the Godzilla statue! This is a great photo spot and is a nice ode to the iconic story fo Godzilla (ゴジラ gojira in Japanese). Fun fact about Godzilla, the Japanese name actually comes from gorira (Gorilla) and kujira (whale) so godzilla is actually a giant monkey whale.

After seeing the statue, turn to the right and go into the huge Don Quijote that is situated right next to the statue!

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Don Quijote sells tons of cheap souvenirs, Japanese goods, clothes, food and much more! It’s honestly one of the shops you HAVE to visit if you’re going to Japan!

18:00PM – Experience the Night Life in Golden Gai

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Golden Gai is a famous area in the back streets of Shinjuku which is full of tiny alleyways lined with tiny bars and restaurants. Mostly selling beer, sake, fried chicken and yakitori! The atmosphere is amazing and it really is somewhere you have to go to end the day in Tokyo.

As it gets later you will start to see Japanese business flock to the area to drink and eat with their colleagues! The atmosphere is bustling and so unique, it really makes you feel like you’re in the heart of Tokyo!

This is a great place to go drinking with your friends. The alcohol and food are super cheap and you can experience Japanese culture first hand as people will more than likely try to have a conversation with you.

A great way to end a busy day in Tokyo!

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