Tokyo Skytree Glows Red for Demon Slayer Movie

Tokyo Skytree Glows Red for Demon Slayer Movie

Due to the new Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) movie being released on 16th October 2020 in Japan, Tokyo Skytree is collaborating with the anime. To mark the release of this super popular anime movie, Skytree will be glowing red from the 16th to the 18th of October! Whilst the tower is illuminated at night, it will be glowing red to represent the color of ‘Rengoku’, one of the main characters in the new Kimetsu No Yaiba Movie! Want to find out more? Make sure to keep reading this article to get all the details!

Why Will Skytree Glow Red?

Rengoku Kyojuro

The movie Demon Slayer movie that will be released is titled ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train’. If you have read the Kimestu no Yaiba manga, then you will know that this movie follows on from where the anime finishes. This arc is very much centered around a character called ‘Rengoku’ and how he helps Tanjiro. Rengoku harnesses fire power and so the color red very closely links to his character. Skytree have announced that this is why they are choosing to make the tower glow red. This is a great way to mark the release of the film and also gives non-manga readers clues on what the movie may be about!

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When Will Skytree Glow Red?

Skytree will be glowing red from the 16th of October to the 18th of October, due to the movie being released on the 16th of October. The lights will be switched on from around 18:00pm and go out at 12:00am, so make sure you go during this time period in order to see it!

If you can’t go to Skytree to see it light up, don’t worry! The tower will be holding an event in it’s viewing deck for the whole month of October. This will feature the whole deck being decorated with Demon Slayer decorations, cardboard cutouts and the tower will even be selling special merchandise! This merchandise, includes Skytree X Demon Slayer exclusive merchandise which features various characters next to the tower!

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How Can I See Skytree Glowing Red?

The Demon Slayer lighting of Skytree can be seen at a distance from surrounding areas like Asakusa, Hikifune or Asakusa-Bashi. These kind of views will show the red glowing Skytree at a distance against the amazing Tokyo cityscape. Or, the viewing tower can be seen up close by going to Oshiage Station and entering Skytree village. There’s tons of shops in here as well an outdoor seating area which shows an AMAZING up-close view of Skytree!

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Details of Event


16/10/20 – 18/10/20


Take the Hanzomon Line or Asakusa Line to Oshiage Sta. (SKYTREE).




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