Demon Slayer Review: A MUST WATCH Anime

Demon Slayer Review: A MUST WATCH Anime

If you haven’t watched Demon Slayer yet, known as ‘Kimetsu No Yaiba’ in Japanese, it should be at the top of your list of things to watch this year! The anime has an amazing story line, well thought out characters and will definitely grip you from the start! Although we know many people have watched Demon slayer by now, we thought we’d write a review on the anime for all those of you who haven’t yet! So if you want to find out why this anime is so popular and highly rated, keep reading!

Demon Slayer: A review of 2019’s most popular anime!

The beginning of the anime

One of the best action anime’s out there, demon slayer follows the story of a boy tanjiro who’s family gets slaughtered by a demon. His sister Nezuko survives, however, gets transformed into a demon herself. It focuses on the bond they have as siblings and the way that Tanjiro can get through to her human side. Together they embark on the journey to become demon slayers and stop others from going through the trauma that they themselves experienced. Demon Slayer is an incredibly emotional anime: you become not only attached to the characters but their development throughout, which can make it difficult during the sad parts of the anime, but ultimately adds to its beauty.

The main characters of the anime.

 Some of my favourite characters include: Tanjiro, Nezuko, Giyuu, and Sabito. They all have very emotional backgrounds, and in depth stories, that add to the attachment of the anime itself. The action scenes are some of the best in any anime. Not only are the graphics very beautiful and well defined, but the music and thought process the characters go through in moments where their lives, or the lives of those they care about, are threatened is relatable in both its simplicity and complexity. 

Taijiro, the anime’s main character.

For this reason I think Tanjiro is one of the protagonists that is most easy to relate too. He is incredibly kind, selfless, and strong, but will not hesitate to do what is right if the situation calls for it. He is also not without his own flaws, his own regrets and attachments, which makes him one of the most merciful humans in the show. 

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Conversely, the antagonist of the show, Muzan Kibutsuji, the first and original demon, is also equally complex for those who gravitate more towards villain characters. His drive is incredibly self serving, he is ruthless and merciless, and lacks the humanity that the slayers possess. The humanity vs demon core of the show is what I personally enjoyed the most. To battle with their own inner instincts so they don’t end up like the very things they fight, is central to tanjiro’s character. The mercy he displays for his sister, protecting her when others want to see her dead, is very unique in the show and is a huge contrast to his enemy Muzan, who has very little regard for the demons he creates.

Taijiro and Nezuka fighting together

He demands obedience, whereas Tanjiro embodies the kindness he left behind. It is both an extremely sad show, but also for this reason has moments of indescribable happiness, with the characters appreciating the small things they have when faced with such darkness. The anime is still ongoing, however the manga is now completed, and is relatively short, with only 205 chapters. 

The demon slayer manga.

The manga drawings, like the anime, are incredibly detailed and easy to read/understand, and the anime itself is very true to the manga content. It is for this reason that regardless whether you read the manga or watch the anime first, the other will be easy to pick up. 

In conclusion, Demon Slayer is an anime that is definitely worth watching. It’s really easy to see why it is so popular in both Japan and the rest of the world. The characters are great and well thought out, the story line is gripping and the action scenes are amazing! All of these things make Kimetsu No Yaiba a MUST WATCH anime!

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