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Are you dreaming of going to Japan, maybe even planning you’re trip already? Do you have an interest in Japanese pop culture, in particular anime and manga? Well you’re in the right place! Otaku in Tokyo is here to make your trip to Japan perfect by offering information about where to travel in Japan with particular focus on hidden places and real life anime locations!  In the future we also plan on expanding and developing our business into a tour company that is centered around showing you real life anime locations of all your favourite anime!
We also run an instagram and youtube channel where we regularly post about the best places to visit in Tokyo!

Me and my husband.
We prefer not to show our faces.

The reason Otaku in Tokyo was created is due to the fact that when I, someone who is from the UK, first came to Japan I searched places to go on google but the top articles to come only showed ‘tourist’ areas of Japan. Thankfully, I had a Japanese boyfriend, who is now my husband, to show me around the ‘true’ Japan. He showed around local areas, and fun activities that non of my other friends knew about! Due to this, I decided I wanted to spread this information to other people and so me and my husband started this company together. Otaku in Tokyo is all about showing you the ‘true’ Tokyo, getting you to visit places that aren’t full of tourists…what we like to call ‘Hidden Gems’.

In terms of the anime side of this website, I have always been an avid anime fan, and i feel that most people traveling to Tokyo are too! One of my favorite hobbies in Tokyo is visiting the real life places that appeared in anime! There is not much information on these places available to tourists and so I decided to make a lot of this website about that! In hopes that otakus, such as myself, can enjoy Tokyo as much as I do!


The history of anime in Japan can be traced back to the 20th century, with the earliest verifiable anime film dating back to 1917. Now, anime is not just popular in Japan but all over the world; as you all probably know already!
In Tokyo alone, there are places such as Akihabara and Ikebukuro known for their connection to anime, manga and other Japanese pop culture!
On top of this there are places in Tokyo that have directly influenced/ been featured in anime that you can visit in real life! 
Some examples include: Hikawa Shrine (featured in Sailor Moon), Radio Kaikan (featured in Steins gate) and the Suga Shrine steps (featured in Your Name)!

So why not experience all of these places in real life?

For business enquires, email us at: otakuintokyo@gmail.com
For questions or queries, DM us on one of our social media platforms or email us.


Otaku in Tokyo is a travel website dedicated to helping your trip to Japan with tips and information on where to visit. With particular focus on real life anime locations, pop culture and Tokyo’s hidden gems!
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