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    Death Note in Tokyo: Real Life Locations You Can Visit!

    Death Note is one of the most popular animes EVER and is loved by many. Although the anime is fairly old now, that doesn’t stop people from wanting to experience it first hand…and now YOU CAN! That’s right, there are…

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    MUST GO Places in Tokyo for Pokemon Lovers

    If you’re a fan of the popular franchise ‘Pokemon’ (ポケットモンスター), Tokyo is somewhere you HAVE to visit. The city is FULL of Pokemon themed stores, cafes and MUCH MORE! This list will show you the absolute BEST and MUST GO…

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    Top 10 FREE Things to Do in Tokyo

    We all know that Tokyo can be very expensive which can end up putting people of traveling there…but what if I told you Tokyo doesn’t have to be expensive! There are tons of activities in Tokyo that are completely free…

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    Akihabara’s Real Life Anime Locations

    If you’re interested in anime, then i’m sure Akihabara will be top on your list of places to visit in Tokyo! There are tons of anime shops, maid cafes and arcades which can be enjoyed by everyone! But did you…


    Tokyo Map of The BEST Areas to Thrift Shop

    In recent years, thrifting and vintage clothes shops in Tokyo has become increasingly popular and there are now whole areas of Tokyo that are famous for their thrift shops! These shops are not like regular vintage clothes shops, they sell…

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    Naruto Theme Park Opens in Hyogo (Nijigen No Mori)

    Have you dreamed of being in the anime ‘Naruto‘? Have you always wanted to eat Ichiraku Ramen and try to become Hokage? WELL NOW YOU CAN at the new Naruto section of Nijigen No Mori (A HUGE anime theme park)!…

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    Tokyo Anime Events Autumn 2019

    As you may already know, we love showing you all the crazy otaku things to do in Tokyo, weather it’s anime cafes or real life anime locations we’ve featured many anime and otaku activities on our website! Today we’re going…