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    A Day at Odaiba’s Unko Museum: A Poop Themed Museum

    Ever wanted to spend the day surrounded by poop themed items, games, shops and photo spots?!…yeah me neither…BUT NOW YOU CAN! In classic Japan style, one of the craziest museums has recently opened up in Odaiba…a poop themed museum! ‘Unko’…

  • Tokyo Travel

    Top 10 FREE Things to Do in Tokyo

    We all know that Tokyo can be very expensive which can end up putting people of traveling there…but what if I told you Tokyo doesn’t have to be expensive! There are tons of activities in Tokyo that are completely free…

  • Tokyo Travel

    Top Things to Do in Tokyo This Autumn 2019

    1. Visit The Mount Takao Autumn Leaf Festival Mount Takao is one of the most famous mountains in Tokyo and is regularly visited due to how easy it is to access. Every year an autumn festival is held here where…

  • Food&drink,  Tokyo Travel

    Tokyo’s Top 10 Cute Hidden Cafes

    There are tons of cute cafes in Tokyo, but most of the famous ones are always super busy making it hard to enjoy the atmosphere and decor. On top of that, they usually charge super high prices for their drinks…

  • Tokyo Travel

    Tokyo’s Hidden Gems: A Tour of Kichijoji 2019

    We all know there are many amazing places in the center of Tokyo, but do to all tourists knowing about them (along with the locals), these places can get extremely busy which makes them hard to enjoy. If you’re looking…

  • anime,  Tokyo Travel

    Top 9 Character Stores in Tokyo

    1. Pretty Cure (PreCure) Store, Tokyo Character Street Pretty Cure, known as PreCure is a popular anime both in Japan and overseas! Due to it’s popularity in Japan, a whole store has been opened that is dedicated to the anime.…


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