Tokyo’s CHEAP But Super CUTE Fashion Stores

    When you first arrive in Tokyo, you will be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of cute fashion shops selling some of the best fashion you’ve ever seen! But before you go in and buy everything you like make sure to…


    Tokyo Map of The BEST Areas to Thrift Shop

    In recent years, thrifting and vintage clothes shops in Tokyo has become increasingly popular and there are now whole areas of Tokyo that are famous for their thrift shops! These shops are not like regular vintage clothes shops, they sell…


    Tokyo’s Cute Plus Size Fashion Stores

    If you’ve seen Japanese fashion stores, you know how cute and amazing all the fashion is there! They really make you want to buy everything!! But shopping in Japan can be quite daunting for many people due to the sizes.…


    Top 8 Street Fashion Stores in Tokyo

    Tokyo is known for it’s fashion and he diversity of it! From Lolita to Gothic, Tokyo is full of fashion subcultures and special stores to go with them! But if you’re looking for something a little more every day, but…


    Top 5 Fashion Stores in Tokyo

    1. WEGO If you’re looking for afordable but cute fashion in Tokyo, WEGO is the place to head to! They have a wide range of clothes from ‘sporty’ fashion to more ‘feminine’ fashion. They also sell tons of accessories such…


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