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    5 Real Life Hidden Anime Spots in Tokyo

    1. Kanda Shrine (Love Live!) Kanda Shrine has featured in the anime ‘Love Live’ countless times throughout the episodes! In fact, even just a few episodes in you’re guaranteed to have seen the shrine multiple times! This is due to…

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    Top 9 Character Stores in Tokyo

    1. Pretty Cure (PreCure) Store, Tokyo Character Street Pretty Cure, known as PreCure is a popular anime both in Japan and overseas! Due to it’s popularity in Japan, a whole store has been opened that is dedicated to the anime.…

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    5 Anime Real Life Locations in Tokyo

    At Otaku in Tokyo we know how amazing anime is and know that many people who aren’t interested in Japan found out about Japan through anime. Why not experience anime first hand by visiting these locations that have been directly…

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    Top 5 Anime Stores in Tokyo

    1. K-BOOKS K-BOOKS have branches in both Ikebukuro and Akihabara. They sell everything that is related to anime and manga and even BUY certain things for a reasonable price! Due to this they have tons of rare collectable items on…

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    Weathering with you (Tenki No Ko) Real life Locations

    Weathering With You (Tenki No Ko) Real Life Locations Tenki No Ko is the latest anime film to hit the cinema, and what better way to celebrate the release than by showing the real life locations that inspired the movie!…

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    Top 5 Places in Tokyo for Sailor Moon Fans

    Top 5 Places To Go in Tokyo For Sailor Moon Lovers Due to Tokyo being full of sailor moon themed places and goodies, it’s great for all you sailor moon fans out there! Whether it’s places that were featured in…


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