‘Haikyuu!! To The Top’ Cafe Opening in Tokyo 2020

‘Haikyuu!! To The Top’ Cafe Opening in Tokyo 2020

Since the release of the new ‘Haikyuu!!’ season, titled ‘To The Top’ there has been tons of events, new merchandise and pop up shops appear in Tokyo that are all themed around the anime! This also includes many Haikyuu!! themed pop up cafes opening up in Tokyo! The Haikyuu!! To The Top X Animate cafe was first opening for a limited time at the beginning of 2020, and due to how popular it was it’s coming back again in August! The pop up cafe will be open for just over a month from August 5th to September 7th 2020 and will sell tons of Haikyuu!! Themed food as well as exclusive merchandise! So if you’re interested in going to the cafe and want to find out more, make sure to keep reading!

About The ‘Haikyuu!! To The Top’ Cafe

Official Poster

Above shows the official poster of the event. The event will be held by ‘Animate Cafe’ which is a well known company that regularly collaborated with different animes to create pop up cafes. The event will be held from 05/08/2020 – 09/07/2020 which gives you just over a month to go and enjoy the cafe!! The cafe will only be held at 2 locations in the whole of Japan! Those locations are: Ikebukuro and Nagoya, so if you’re in Tokyo make sure to go to the Ikebukuro location!

In order to get into the cafe, you must reserve your place before going online! There are only a limited amount of places for each location so make sure you reserve your place as soon as possible at THIS WEBSITE! Once you have reserved your place on the Animate Cafe website you will be able to visit the cafe anytime during the time frame that you have chosen.

The cafe will have a FULL menu of Haikyuu!! themed foods on offer as well as a full drink menu! Aside from the food, the cafe will be decorated with Haikyuu!! themed goods and you will be able to buy EXCLUSIVE limited edition Haikyuu!! merchandise!

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‘Haikyuu!! To The Top’ Cafe Menu

Official menu

Above shows the official menu which has been released by Animate Cafe. As you can see there is a variety of dishes available, both sweet and savory, and it all looks delicious! Food items range from 800yen – 1200yen. There is also a wide variety of drinks on offer which all cost 600yen. Lets have a look at each item in more detail!

Food Items:

Grilled Fish Set: 1200yen
Grilled fish with salad, miso soup and all you can eat rice!

Udon Inari Sushi Set: 980yen
A bowl of Udon topped with meat, plus a side of Inari Sushi (sweet fried tofu filled with rice)

Wadaiko Monaka Set: 800yen
Monaka is a traditional Japanese sweet consisting of two wafers with azuki jam inside. This one is shaped like a Japanese drum (Wadaiko)

Fox Parfait: 800yen
A chocolate parfait topped with cute decorations and fruit!

*All items ordered come with a free Haikyuu!! coaster! There are 12 to collect!

Drinks: (All 600yen)

(Top left) Hinata’s Orange Drink: orange jelly, orange sherbet and orange soda.

(Top right) Kageyama’s Concentration Cocoa: Hot cocoa, whipped cream and granola.

(Bottom left) Combination Point of View Reset Drink: Grape lemonade and whipped cream.

(Bottom right) Tanaka’s Sweet and Sour Strawberry Drink: Strawberry Calpis, lemon, cherry, whipped cream and a heart macaron.

(Top left) Shrine Prayer Ginger Ale: Ginger ale, grenadine syrup and whipped cream.

(Top right) Sam’s Black Sesame Late Tapioca: Black sesame late, tapioca, brown sugar jelly and whipped cream.

(Bottom left) Tsumu’s Mango Milk Tapioca: Mango milk, tapioca, lemon Jelly and whipped cream.

(Bottom right) Captain’s Lemonade Set: Hot lemonade, chocolate cake, whipped cream and a cookie.

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‘Haikyuu!! To The Top’ Merchandise On Sale

Official poster

There will be tons of exclusive limited edition Haikyuu!! merchandise on offer at the cafe from badges to stationary and even a tote bag! All the merchandise items vary in price and range from 400yen to 2000yen. If you want to buy this amazing Haikyuu!! merchandise but cannot go to the cafe, you can buy the items from the Animate Official Website for a limited time so make sure to check it out!

Merchandise Items:

Badges: 400yen

Stands/keychains: 700yen

Character Keychain: 800yen

Washi Tape: 900yen

Sticker Tin: 1,400yen

Tote Bag: 2000yen

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General Information


170-0013 Tokyo, Toshima City, Higashiikebukuro, 3 Chome−2−1 


Take the JR Yamanote Line to Ikebukuro Station


05/08/2020 – 09/07/2020

Official Website

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