‘One Punch Man’ Real Life Locations in Tokyo

‘One Punch Man’ Real Life Locations in Tokyo

‘One Punch Man’, known as ‘ワンパンマン’ (wanpanman) in Japanese, is a popular anime that follows main character ‘Saitama’ who is a super hero who can defeat any enemy with one punch. The anime follows him on his journey to find an enemy that will not be defeated by his punch and will be worthy to fight. The anime and manga are set in Tokyo and there are a couple of places that appear in the anime that you can visit in real life! One of these includes Saitama’s own apartment! Although there are not as many real life places compared to other animes, the fact you can visit the protagonist’s apartment building in real life makes the whole experience super personal and fun! So if you want to experience this anime in real life, make sure to keep reading to find out some ‘One Punch Man’ real life locations in Tokyo!

Saitama’s Apartment Building, Setagaya

Saitama walking to his apartment
Saitama’s apartment in real life
Saitama near his apartment
The surroundings of the apartment in real life

Where Is The Apartment Located?

In the anime, Saitama’s apartment is located in a place called ‘Z-city’. This city is shown on a map in the anime and is located in the top left of the country where Saitama is living. Due to this, many Japanese fans first speculated that the apartment is located in the area of ‘Saitama’ because of two things. First, the area has the same name as the protagonist so it would make sense that he lives there and second, in Tokyo the area of Saitama is located in the top left of the city.

However, this was proven to be wrong when the actual apartment that Saitama is living in was found in real life! The actual location of the apartment is in Setagaya, Tokyo; located just left of Shibuya. The apartment is situated close to Meiji University making it fairly easy to access and find!

Access to the apartment

How To Get To The Apartment?

The apartment is just around the corner from the train station ‘Meidaimae’ so once you have got to the station, you can get there super easily!

Meidaimae is a very easy station to get to and can be accessed via 1 train going straight from Shibuya which takes around 10 minutes. The train that you need to get is the ‘Keio Inokashira Line’ heading for Kichijoji. There is a local train (stopping at every station along the way) and an express train (stops at only a few stations). You can get either train but I would recommend getting the express as it is much faster!

If you need more help getting to the apartment, just type the address into Google maps and follow the instructions!

Shibuya ⇢ Keio Inokashira Line ⇢ Meidaimae Station


〒156-0043 東京都世田谷区松原1丁目39−16

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Infront of Kichijoji Station

Kichijoji in the anime
Kichijoji in real life

About Kichijoji in The Anime

Kichijoji is a very popular area to visit for both Japanese people and non-Japanese people alike! Kichijoji is a small town that is full of shops include loads of vintage fashion shops, which is what it is famous for! It is also where Inokashira Park, a famous Japanese park with a beautiful lake, is located!

The place where these scenes take place has definitely been influenced by Kichijoji! As you can see in the first image, the layout of the area shown in the anime is pretty much identical to Kichijoji’s layout, I’m sure people who have been can recognize it’s unique structure! In the second picture it may not be obvious that this is the same place, however take a look in the lower right corner and you can see why people have realized this is the same place! Although the name has been changed, that sign is clearly based off of the Baskin Robins store that exists there in real life!

How To Get To Kichijoji?

It makes sense that these scenes take place in Kichijoji as the station is located on the same train line as the one leading to Saitama’s apartment! Kichijoji is the last station on this line, so after you have finished visiting his apartment, get back on the same train and stay on until the final stop!

Meidaimae ⇢ Keio Inokashira Line ⇢ Kichijoji Station


We write tons of articles about all the real life anime locations in Tokyo. Due to many animes being set in Tokyo, there are TONS of real life locations that have been featured in various animes! If you’re an anime fan and want to get more involved in the anime, these locations are great to visit and do the same things that the characters did there! Check out this list of other articles we have written about real life anime locations!

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