New Demon Slayer Cafe Opening in Tokyo July 2020!

New Demon Slayer Cafe Opening in Tokyo July 2020!

If you’re an anime fan then it’s more than likely you have seen and loved the very popular anime ‘Demon Slayer’. Due it’s popularity, many brands have wanted to collaborate with the anime to create merchandise, clothes and even POP UP CAFES! You may have heard that at the beginning of the year the company ‘UFOTABLE’ collaborated with anime to create a pop up cafe that was absolutely amazing! The cafe did so well that the two are collaborating again to bring us a ‘rainy season themed’ Kimetsu No Yaiba cafe. If you want to learn more about the cafe make sure to keep reading!

About the cafe

Official poster taken from the website.

The cafe will be split into two open periods. The first will be from June 25th 2020 to July 17th 2020. The second will be from July 21st to August 16th 2020. The cafe will be held at the UFOTABLE cafe which is located in Nakano! There will be a special rainy season, or ‘tsuyu’ in Japanese themed drink on offer plus TONS of merchandise!

This collaboration cafe is different in the sense that the focus is more on the limited edition merch that will be on offer rather than food and drink. Due to this there is only one special drink on offer however every time you buy a drink you will receive a postcard of one of the Kimetsu No Yaiba characters in their rain gear! The drink will cost 556 yen.

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Merchandise Available at the Cafe

Demon Slayer badges available for 590yen

The Demon Slayer merchandise that will be on offer at the cafe will be split into two groups: Group A and Group B. These groups relate to the period that you visit the cafe during. If you visit the cafe during the first period (25/06/2020 – 17/07/2020), you will be able to buy Kimetsu No Yaiba character merchandise from Group A. Likewise, if you visit during the latter period you will be able to buy merchandise from Group B.
Merchandise that will be split into groups include character badges (590yen), Character stands (900yen) and character umbrella charms (550yen). The free postcard that you receive with your drink will also be split into these two groups.

Small Demon Slayer character stands (900yen)

There will also be Demon Slayer merchandise available that will not be split into these two groups and feature all the Kimetsu No Yaiba characters on them! All the characters look super cute in their rain gear and it is nice to see them all together!
Items that are on sale featuring all the characters include: Character clear files (407yen), A2 character tapestry (2,750yen) and a mix of small character stickers (1,100yen)!

Demon Slayer character tapestry

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Details of the Cafe


1 Chome-38-11 Nogata, Nakano City, Tokyo 165-0027


Take the JR Chuo Line to Nakano Station


First Period: 25/06/2020 – 17/07/2020

Second Period: 21/07/2020 – 16/08/2020


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Where Else Can I Buy Demon Slayer Merchandise in Tokyo?


Animate is a chain store in Tokyo that sells merchandise from TONS of anime, one of them being Demon Slayer!
They have tons of demon slayer merchandise on offer including all the manga volumes! For more information, check out there website here: WEBSITE

Don Quijote

Don Quijote is a chain discount store that has shops all around Tokyo. The store has recently collaborated with Kimetsu No Yaiba to bring out some unique merchandise!
Due to this collaboration, the store has also started to stock normal Demon Slayer merch too! So you can buy all sorts of amazing pieces here!


Akihabara is a hub of all things otaku and anime in Tokyo. The town is FULL of anime stores and anime themed things to do!
Due to this, there are tons of Demon Slayer merchandise pieces available in this town…especially in the arcades! This is somewhere everyone who is searching for Demon Slayer merchandise HAS to go!

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